I just raped my typewriter

I confess, I confess
to hitting the keys
printing that pile of shit to
the innocent white sheet of paper
pure gibberish dancing on the page
mocking, scourning and taunting
the reader
I admit my guilt
without feeling guilty
It came out of my mind
or not?
I just raped my typewriter
by typing

No fun at all

Squeaking, screeching, squealing
with awful howling noise
the trains go by
The sky is pissing down your neck
into your pants
People moving, running, pushing
No fun at all
at a train station
on a rainy friday afternoon

At the toilet

Foul smell
Curses on the last meal
Foul language
but if not here
where at all?
Pressing down the body
into the dark maze below your ass
Right direction with perfect aiming
Thank God
and let it go

The opportunity

"You really love me, do you?"
she asked
He look down
at her naked body
So perfectly built
"Yes, I do."
he replied
thought of her sister
and prepared
to mount

Ready wit

She stood up
and walked towards her
Stopped in front of her
few inches between them
Jumped up
and kicked
with the pretty aimed
toe of her boot
right through her mouth.
Teeth been spitted out
"Never mind...",
she said
"Now I can suck his cock
even better."