Thanks to this comment! I logged in twice asking exactly the question before getting to buy RuneScape gold my 4th login, but I watch some vids. Sounds dumb but it took me long to figure out how to talk my friend directly rather than through the clan conversation. There are just so many symbols and buttons that it takes ages to determine what they are.I've told that for many years how toolbelt shouldn't have tools in it when you make account. Character should just spawn to world out of nowhere. Like in Animal Crossing, you make tools to put them in your toolbelt. Lot of games does thing.

EoC was only half completed (less than half) as it was published. M&S rework over half but ignored drop tables. The two was enormous upgrades but nevertheless out of EoC release you may find lot of issues after years. When is DG supervisors hp raised? Probably never. Why coaching Attack, Power and Defence have no gaps with melee(such as pre-eoc)? Could only combine Str+Att, also make Defence work like hp(I'm not suggesting this). Veteran or not, everyone can discover lots of issues RuneScape has, just by creating new account and trying lot of stuff.

If rock spirits were bar or ore drops they would have been a similar price. The problem is that nobody trains the ability working with the bars that are old because they are degree. Aviansies dropped addy pubs that people used to train smithing they drop adamant stone spirits but nobody uses adamant anymore since it's currently the same grade as steel used to be if aviansie dropped steel bars back in the day that they would not have been a good moneymaking method. Ore/bar drops that were adamant should have been converted to bane or necronium spirits and necronium and bane would need to be the principal way to train smithing without goldsmelting.

But everyone gets half their mining xp from dropping them and mining animica so those rates are way lower than they would have been when the way of training mining was level ores that are low. Iron ore/granite that was like was. Yea that's exactly what I meant. Stone spirits itself are not issue. But how level slayer monsters fall stone spirits instead of tier ones. Or mid lvl monsters shed steel/mithril, they should drop rune. Barbarian Assault gambling benefits are for the most part t70+ and value ~50x more than stone spirits.I do mostly enjoy all of the new content though I believe last year's updates (Kebos Lowlands and Prifdinnas) were much much better. Karuulm slayer dungeon, forinthry dungeon,'farming guild, Gauntlet, Zalcano, and crystal trees are amazing content releases. I feel they kinda missed the bar although I had been excited for Nightmare boss and Darkmeyer.. Drop table should've been like Corp in which you make a little profit 1m/hr or so even without uniques. Idk why they chose to earn a high effort boss with nonstop prayer flicking that hurts and gives carpal tunnel, in which you actually eliminate money if you don't get really lucky.

As Darkmeyer, the blood shard is crap for and there's probably no way it could be made without being OP rewarding. Mine is adequate. Sepulchre is not worth doing only for XP if you're under 92 agility (Prifdinnas rooftops really gives more xp than flat 82 Sepulchre even if you are NOT looting) so many individuals who finish grinding black graceful do not have a reason to do it anymore.I believe youpersonally, summoning is game changing. It was great, we have a good deal more suport when bossing/slayer/skilling, when the things that disturbs you was meals, sgs, guthans. It is a skill that is suport. But cheap OSRS gold the reason was for critters, that the current combat system could not pickup.