This is a bug that needs to nba 2k20 mt coins be addressed. Getting magnetized in the lane is not a part of basketball. Rework the card platform... Make it so lower tier players are now usable and high tier players are more scarce. In order that a strategy goes into creating your roster, make it more realistic in terms of lineups. It ruins the impact of historic or elite players if the team of everyone looks like an All Time Allstar team. Something very similar to FIFA ultimate group where many teams have golden players with a couple of special cards, so the special cards are actually unique. Rosters should be base amount current NBA players.

MyPLAYER (Attributes/Badges/Builds) - Add the respec feature into the game. First off it would make life so much simpler and save as much time and effort if we can tune our builds rather than making an entire other one and wasting more of our cash. Secondly, this feature should not give gamers the ability to recreate entire builds (e.g. change from a PG playmaker to some C Glass) I feel that it must be more of a way for gamers to correct their MyPlayers characteristics after it was created to provide better badges or animations that this includes height, weight, wingspan, and maybe takeover.

Thirdly, I don't believe the VC used on the features should be reimbursed since the point I made in my second reason is that respecing should let us fine-tune our players not create something brand new and understanding that this community somebody will definitely find a VC glitch when it was reimbursed. Lastly, I made my build with this characteristic in my mind so I did not put much thought behind the invention of the construct and just wanted to test to see the way the game played so I could adjust and my build to it along with my play style. I don't know if anyone else had this thought process but wanted to put my own reason for needing it.

I really wish 2K would permit a MyLeague league that is much more customizable, not strictly fixed around NBA rules. 64 teams, randomly created, leagues that are tributary, or minor leagues halves, in where I need on the planet, teams. Like, I just want to create like an 8 team league in the US from such as the 1970s as type of a rival league to the NBA that I can build up through expansion and observe as the league varies via pace, fashion, and just gift, with literary teams and players I can make up my own history for as the league is simulated. I am sure a great deal of things have the potential to just brick a console's processing power which might be part of why they don't have anything like this, but for like a few years I've wanted this but there is never any addition to this kind of MyLeague customization.

I believe adding the choice to a play or build would do good for the match. Let us be honest, the 1 game against the warriors doesn't help you know your construct. You can't update what you would like for your testing, get no animations, and can't tell what your player would play like. If we change the pie graph, not position and could return, this would do great for the game. They might earn less money through VC, but I could see this definitely boosting earnings, because a lot of men and women are in happy with their builds. With respec it should wipe out all of badges, updates, and animations, and at least give you your vc back for that which was spent on updates. Or, provide you with no vc back but be in a position to improve your player to the overall as it was before the change. My idea on what could make this game fun and cheap nba 2k20 mt provide players and customers.