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Thema: A wonderful Day always has an End....

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    42 Jahre alt
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    A wonderful Day always has an End....

    A wonderful Day always has an End

    The sky is blue and it seems the rays of the sun
    Are dipping everything in golden paint.
    The leaves are whistling a certain song
    While the wind is lightly blowing through the trees.
    Colorful Butterflies dancing all over the meadow
    Like they wanted to show how beautiful they are.
    Suddenly some clouds are covering the sun
    And the sunlight is drawing a velvet curtain.
    The morning dove is singing a sad song
    Cause this wonderful day is starting to die.
    Everything is getting cold and darker
    And my heard starts pounding really hard.
    Now the sun is going down to bed and the last rays
    Touching me like they want me to come with them.
    But I cant…
    I feel like I am stuck in snow
    And the more I try to get out of it the more I am stuck.
    The black night is ruling over the world now
    And I wish that the sunny bright day will sometime stay forever.

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    aus ssergewöhnlich gefährlich..*fg*..*krafttrainingmach*...
    4 Beiträge seit 03/2005
    wunderhüpsch =)...echt toll beschrieben..man fühlt sich als wäre man wirklich diese person....weitär souuuuu!

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